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What do I have to do myself?

Posted 12/9/18

The most important thing for the owners to do is to ensure that the presentation of the house is as best as it can be, both inside and out.

Buyers first impressions are crucial to securing the best outcome, so ensuring the house is presenting to its best capacity is crucial. When people visit the home it’s imperative the outside is welcoming with lawns cut, garden beds weeded and mulched.

The inside of the house needs to be de-cluttered and cleaned and any maintenance issues attended to eg. painting, carpets professionally cleaned, if needed leaking taps attended to, loose fittings repaired etc.

Your real estate agent should advise you what needs to be done and if necessary help you find a suitable contractor should you need one. Great presentation will assist in achieving the best price, so take your time to ensure everything is the best it can be!!

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