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Our deepest thanks

Posted 12/9/18

I have had the pleasure to be working with Terry and Lynne Bailey.

This has been a long journey for myself and one that I would not have been able to make without the support, guidance and professionalism displayed by both Terry and Lynne.

Listing the home was a very difficult decision and a process that I thought would be very stressful as I needed to sell and purchase a home simultaneously.

Thanks to Terry’s efforts, the home sold very quickly, within the first home open, however this meant the pressure was on to find a new home for my family.

Terry and Lynne understood exactly what I was looking for and spent much time short listing homes for me to look at. Both Terry and Lynne took their time taking me to see each of the homes, one of which I ended up purchasing. Lynne was almost as excited as I was when we walked into the home I decided to buy.

The service did not end there, Terry has been available at all times to answer the many questions I had along the way, and believe me there were many questions, or just to ease my nerves. Nothing was ever too much trouble nor was he ever too busy, despite the fact that their daughter was quite unwell for a period of time.

I have spoken to many real estate agents while I went around looking at home opens on my own – most of them quite pushy, unfriendly and unprofessional. Terry and Lynne are the total opposite. They understood my needs, they supported me through the periods where I thought it was all too hard and Terry has kept in touch even after I have moved into my new home, to make sure that everything was ok. They are genuinely caring and nice people.

It was a privilege to have worked with them and I’m proud to say they will always be considered friends to our family. They are credit to Bailey Devine Real Estate and I would certainly recommend them to any prospective seller or buyer. Once again, our deepest thanks for helping us find our new beautiful home.

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