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Five sustainable ways to keep your home warm in winter

Posted 18/6/20

With the winter months approaching in Perth, we have put together our top tips to help keep your home warm and your energy bill down. These budget friendly options can also add a touch of style to your home and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.


1. Use your curtains and blinds

Make use of Perth’s winter sun and open your blinds and curtains during the day. This will let the sunshine in and warm up your space naturally.
At night, keep blinds and curtains closed to retain the heat generated during the day. Better yet, purchase some thick fabric curtains to provide an extra layer of insulation to your rooms.

2. Rug up

Not only can you rug up with blankets and your favourite winter pyjamas, but you can also cover up your cold floors with a plush rug to help insulate your space.
If you have wood, tile or concrete floors, a rug can add a touch of style to the room, whilst making the space cosier and keeping your feet warm.

3. Seal your home

Before the winter chill sets in, be sure to repair and fill any gaps in your floors, windows, doors and walls. This will help to keep out any cool draughts and retain warm air within your home.
Small gaps can be filled easily and cheaply using putty or sealants from your local hardware store.

4. Close-off unused rooms

Similar to the point above, be sure to seal off any unused rooms in your home by closing doors as you go in and out. If you’re relaxing in your living room for instance, close any doors leading to the area to keep warm air in.

5. Install roof insulation

Although a bit more costly to apply than the tips above, installing insulation in your roof can reduce your energy bill significantly (by up to 50 per cent).
Insulation provides a barrier to heat flowing into your home in summer and out of your home during winter, providing a year-round heating and cooling solution. Be sure to employ a professional to guarantee the correct type of insulation is used for your home and the climate, and that it is installed properly.


Author: Rachel Preston-Bidwell

Source: reiwa.com.au

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