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Spring into Selling: Presenting your home to wow the market

Posted 3/10/23

While Spring may be known as the best time to sell your home, it also means a higher number of sellers and more properties competing for buyers. So how do you make your property stand out from the crowd?

Now that you’ve researched your local market and found the best agent to represent you, it’s time to get your home ready for sale.

Start with a Spring clean

Spring cleaning isn’t just a cliché, but an important step in making your home appealing to buyers.

Start with the basics: clean down glass doors and windows, eliminate cobwebs and vacuum every nook and cranny.

But don’t stop there. Dusting, wiping surfaces, mopping floors, and meticulously cleaning kitchens and bathrooms are equally essential. Make sure you check it before each home open and give it a quick clean before the next potential buyers arrive.

Consider going the extra mile by hiring professional cleaners to refresh your carpets or regrout your tiles – much cheaper than retiling and gives your tiled areas an instant lift.

Repairs and maintenance: Where do I draw the line?

Take a walk around your property and note any flaws, defects or damage that require attention before listing.

Address any leaking taps, loose doorknobs and broken light switches to ensure everything is in good working order for the open house inspections.

Patch up any holes in walls, apply a fresh coat of paint and replace any items showing signs of wear and tear; now is the best time to fix up anything that has been collecting dust on your to-do list.

If in doubt, speak to your agent. They are the expert in your local area and will know what buyers are looking for and what will have an impact on their impression of your home. While a full repaint might not be necessary, your agent might recommend a feature wall or updating your light fixings.

Collaborate with your agent for expert guidance

Speaking of your agent, milk their knowledge and experience! They view properties daily and can offer insights on how to make your home stand out.

Consider a pre-listing inspection with your agent to go over any potential issues before hitting the market. This can save you time and money at settlement having to rush through any last-minute fixes.

Present a blank canvas

While your home holds a lifetime of memories, buyers want to envision creating their own.

Remove personal items like family photos, souvenirs and awards so buyers can walk into a space and imagine the house as their own.

Taking the opportunity to declutter will also make your home feel more spacious and inviting for a home open.

To stage or not to stage?

If you’re already out of your property, consider staging services to highlight your home’s best features. Many photographers now offer virtual staging to enhance online listings.

If you’re still living in the home, simple touches such as fresh towels, rugs and linen can modernise the space.

Increase ambiance at a home open with relaxing music, pleasant aromas such as fresh flowers and essential oils, or the warm glow of candles.

Invite more light into your home with mirrors to reflect natural light – a particularly effective way to make a room that was once dark much brighter and more welcoming.

Boost your curb appeal

Spring is the time for your garden to bloom. Take advantage of this by giving your garden a refresh after the Winter months.

Trim overhanging branches, clear leaves, clean down your driveway, and remove any oil stains to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Weeding and replacing plants that may not have survived the Winter will help boost the buyers’ opinion of the property. They may say don’t judge a book by its cover, but the front garden is the first and last thing buyers see, and makes a lasting impression.

Be prepared for changing weather conditions

Spring weather can be unpredictable, with the sun shining one day, then possibly windy and rainy the next.

Prepare your home for these varying conditions. Be ready to adjust heating and cooling before home opens to ensure a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers from the moment they walk in.

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