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The five habits of people with clean homes

Posted 10/1/17

Cleaning can seem like an onerous task, especially around inspection time if you’re renting.

We all know someone with a house that always appears sparkling clean, so here are five top tips from habitually tidy people to help keep your space spotless on a daily basis.

1. Tidy as you go

Incorporate small tasks into your daily routine such as;

  • making the bed first thing in the morning;
  • throwing scraps in the bin as you cook;
  • placing dishes in the dishwasher straight after you have used them.

Completing these small, less time consuming jobs will keep your house in order on a daily basis. Plus, you’ll save time when doing a complete household clean.

2. Do your laundry on a regular basis

Rather than spending hours on a Saturday washing your weeks’ worth of clothes, dedicate an hour a few times a week to wash, hang and fold your laundry.

Doing a little bit more often will make the task seem less onerous and it won’t eat into your day off.

3. Dust and vacuum once a week

Dedicate 20 minutes once a week to dust down surfaces and hoover your house. Not only will this create a better breathing space but it will also help to maintain carpets and other household surfaces, which is a plus for renters and investors alike.

4. Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen

Although it might be tempting to leave the dishes for another day, washing the dishes, wiping down counter tops and putting away leftovers before bed will make your morning rush a little easier. Not to mention you will wake up with a clean space and a clean cup for your morning coffee. Stains and spills will also be easier to remove as they have less time to stick to your dishes and bench tops.

5. Don’t delay

Pack away your groceries as soon as you get home, file away your letters and put the bin out when it’s full.

By managing your time and completing small tasks straight away, you can avoid the domino effect of mess building up. It will also de-clutter your space and your house will probably smell better too.

Author: Rachel Preston-Bidwell
Source: REIWA

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