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Top 10 hardy indoor plants

Posted 3/10/18

We know how troublesome it can be to keep plants healthy.

Thanks to the Team at Style Curator we now have a list of some hardy indoor plants to add some liveliness to your home.

We’re pretty confident even someone without green fingers can keep them alive!!! 

1. String of pearls 

This oh-so-pretty succulent gets its name from its pearl-like strands that can become large and round like marbles. The trick to keeping this beauty alive is to pot it in soil that drains well, such as cactus soil that has a sandy consistency, and to keep it out of direct sunlight. String of pearls likes to dry out completely in between waters so be sure not to overwater it!

2. Peace lily

Gina’s peace lily has been going strong for over 6 years and the best thing about this plant is it shows you when it needs water (all the arms of it just flop down) and once you give it water, it’s back to being A-OK.

Don’t worry if it looks like it has well and truly died with every single leaf turning brown, this plant has a way of rising from the ashes. Simply remove all the dead leaves (you may be looking at nothing but dirt) and just water well once a week — there’s a good chance you’ll see new leaves coming up in just a couple of weeks.

3. Golden pothos

This attractive, durable and easy-to-grow vine plant loves bright, indirect sunlight and can withstand high temperatures. They’re also said to be among the best indoor plants for air purification.

4. Spider plant

Possibly the hardiest indoor plant on the list, you’ll love how forgiving the spider plant is. It can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffers from few problem, making it ideal for beginner gardeners. The only things to look out for with a spider plant is not to overwater — too much water can lead to root rot and it likes to dry out completely in between watering — and to place in well-drained soil.

5. Mother-in-law’s tongue

This beautiful, sculptural plant requires minimal maintenance. Simply water when soil is dry and transplant every year or two, when it has outgrown its pot. Like most of the plants on this list, you also need to watch out for overwatering which can drown the plant. When the plant is large enough, you can also propagate it by pulling away a clump and placing it in a new pot.

6. Aloe

One of our fave indoor plants and with too many health benefits to name (such as helping with insomnia and air purification), we just love this hardy and beautiful plant. Treat it in the same way as any cactus plant — keep watering to a minimium and ensure there are plenty of drainage holes in the pot.

7. Echeverias

Echeverias is the succulent on our desk below and not only is it still going strong, we’ve been able to take cuttings and propagate it many times.

8. Ponytail palm

Over recent years, this plant has gained popularity as an indoor plant. With sleek curly leaves and bulb-like trunk, it grows happily in most conditions. Keep watering to a minimum during winter and fertilise once or twice a year to keep it happy and healthy.

9. Ox tongue

This aloe-like succulent has been crossed many times over the years so there is a wide range of unusual varieties now available. This plant prefers dryer conditions and can form a fungal infection in high humidity but otherwise it’s a robust plant that can tolerate more shade than most succulents, making it ideal for indoors.

10. Zebra haworthia

A small but striking plant that requires minimal care. It can store water in its leaves so will survive with even less frequent watering than most succulent plants. It can also withstand full, direct sunlight.

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Author: Gina – Editor & Interior Stylist

Source: StyleCurator.com.au 

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